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  • Establishment
    June 1961
  • Number of Teaching Posts
    02 Full Time
  • Sanctioned and Filled
    Sanctioned FT -(01) & CHB-(03)
  • Workload of Department
  • Head Of The Department

Prof. Phulsagar S.S.

  • Strength(UG)

  1. First Year: 55
  2. Second Year: 70
  3. Third Year: 63
  • Departmental Activities 

  1. Two days UGC sponsored national conference on 27 & 28 September     2014.
  2. Student Seminar.
  3. Poster Presentation On the occasion of National Mathematics day a     poster presentation was arranged at the department of mathematics.     The following poster were presented i.Rmamanujan Life and Contribution to mathematics
    ii.Finite state machines
    iii.Application of D.E.
    iv.Application of graph theory to the study of hydrocarbon
    v.Discovery of zero
    vi.Application of graph theory
  4. Free consultancy is given to the students in respect of campus             MPSC Exam, Bank Exam etc.
  5. Student Project(Under BSR) UGC :
      Study of Sequence and Series Submitted by Miss Surwase S.A.
      Linear Transformation and Application submitted by Miss. Patil Priyanka Vikas
      Application of Calculus in our daily life submitted by Miss. Paralkar Bhakti Ram
      Study Of Numerical Analysis-A Computational approach using science lab. Submitted by Miss. Chavan Kavita Keshaw.
      Application of Graph Theory Submitted by Miss. Thorat Shubhada Udaykumar.
      Contribution of Leonhard Euler in Mathematics. Submitted by Mr. Khandagale Sujit Sandipan.

  • Special achievements / Highlights
    1. Students participated in poster presentation competition           organized by Milia college, Beed.
    2. Miss. Swati Pawar B.Sc.III got third price in seminar competition     organized by Marathwada Mathematical Society.

  • Future plane of the Department :

  1. To get UGC projects for students.
  2. To prepare students for entrance exams like IIT-JAM.
  3. To organize National Level Seminar.
  4. TO train students, mathematics software like Mathematical, Mat lab.
  5. Unit Tests.
  6. Seminar.
  7. Home Assignment.
  8. Science Quiz.

  • Result Of Last 3 years 



No.Of Students

Pass Students




First Year


Second Year


Third Year




First Year


Second Year


Third Year




2 Students


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Second Year


Third Year




9 Students

  • Facuilty 
Name of the Faculty Educational Qualification Designation Email-Id Google Scholer Link Photo
Prof. Phulsagar S.S. M.Sc. B.Ed Associate Professor(H.O.D) Link
Mr. Paikekar H.M. M.Sc. B.Ed Asssociate Professor Link
Mr. Karwar V.S. M.Sc. B.Ed Asssociate Professor Link
Miss. Dongare R.S. M.Sc. Asssociate Professor Link