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  • Head Of The Department

Dr Mrs Mahadik Shama chandrakant

  • Strength(UG)

  1. 1st = 38
  2. 2nd = 35
  3. 3nd = 27
  • Departmental Activities 

  1. Exhibition of Medicinal plants was arranged .
  2. Wall paper BIOS is started
  3. Local excursion for study flora .
  4. Deparatmental collaboration with department of Biotechnology and
  5. Microbiology ,Sub center Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar MarathwadaUniversity sub center ,Osmanabad.

  • Special achievements / Highlights
    1.  Miss Pretee Kadam stood first in Mar/Apr 2008 University Examination.
    2. Faculty Priti Pardeshi achived a first prize in poster presentation at Swa Sawarkar Mahavidyalaya ,Beed 27-28 Dec 2011

  • Future plane of the Department :

  1. To opt for major research projects
  2. To arrange National Conference /seminars
  3. Agri based Botanical research
  4. Survery of Endangered plants of this area
  5. To start short term duration courses as in seed pathology , Horticulture ,biotechnology ,plant protection , microbiology .
  6. 6 A Proposal is submitted to UGC for National Conference on ‘‘ BIODIVERSITY CONSERVETION AND ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGES IN INDIA ‘’
  7. A minor project entitled survey of medicinal plant and preparation of an inventory of biocidal plants from Osmanabad is submitted UGC .

  • Facuilty 
Name of the Faculty Educational Qualification Designation Photo
Dr shama chandrakant Mahadik M.Sc. M.Ed. Ph.D . Associate professor
Mrs. Pritee Ravindrasingh Pardeshi M. Sc. Lecturer (C.H.B.)