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Political Science

  • Head Of The Department

Shri N.H. Gaikwad

  • Strength(UG)

  1. 1st = 143
  2. 2nd = 100
  3. 3nd = 18
  • Departmental Activities 

  1. Celebrate Constitutional Day for last three years
  2. Visit to Panchayat samiti Osmanabad

  • Special achievements / Highlights
    1.  100 % Result of B.A.III

  • Future plane of the Department :

  1. To motivate research activity
  2. To introduce panchayat Raj Training centre
  3. To organize Seminar and conferences

  • Facuilty 
Name of the Faculty Educational Qualification Designation Photo
Mr. Gaikwad Nitin Haridas M.A. SET. ( Political Science) Assistant Professor
B. W. Gund (C.H.B.)
G.B. Gaikwad ( C.H.B.)